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We offer a wide range of innovative and unique intellectual property protection services. By combining investigative, enforcement and consulting services under one roof our efforts are not only comprehensive and streamlined but also cost-effective.




Our team of investigators includes a diverse range of individuals, all of whom are well versed in the complexities and characteristics of IP investigations.




We strongly believe that aggressively enforcing your brand and keeping it out of the hands of infringers is essential to effective intellectual property protection.




Our consulting services include a broad examination of your IP, the manner in which your IP is being used or abused, and ways in which you can increase the value of your IP and your brand.


Continental Enterprises, Your Intellectual Property Guardian™

In the world of business, your ideas are your identity. Continental Enterprises understands that your success lies in the creation and protection of new ideas.

We use traditional and non-traditional strategies to combat infringers domestically and around the globe to provide effective solutions for seemingly intractable IP problems.

Our sole focus is the protection of Intellectual Property. This gives us a fresh perspective and a wealth of unique tools and techniques to ensure your success. For three decades, we have developed a sophisticated suite of IP services and we have attracted a distinctive, experienced team. It is a combination that cannot be found elsewhere.

Call us. We will get started protecting your valuable Intellectual Property right away.



Since its inception in 1988, Continental Enterprises has grown to be one of the most unique intellectual property enforcement and investigation firms in the United States. Fighting counterfeiters globally, Continental Enterprises provides clients with strategic input in maximizing the value of their brands.

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