Intellectual Property Consulting & Problem Solving

Intellectual Property Consulting and Problem Solving, Continental Enterprises

Question: We sell a variety of products and services around the world. As globalization and the Internet change the way business gets done; how can we manage all our intellectual property to safeguard and increase profits?

Developing a cohesive strategy is essential to the success of almost every project. Intellectual property ("IP") protection is no different. Without a strategy, opportunities are lost and unforeseen consequences and inefficiencies inevitably arise. Continental Enterprises' ("Continental") consulting and problem-solving services deliver this strategy.

In general, our consulting services include a broad examination of your IP, the manner in which your IP is being used or abused, and ways in which you can increase the value of your IP and your brand. More specifically, these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Intellectual Property Audit. We conduct a thorough review of your IP portfolio, then compare that to the goods and services that you manufacture, license and sell. We conclude with a report on the ways in which you can shore up gaps in your IP portfolio. We also identify unrecognized IP assets and advise on ways you can fully capitalize on those assets.
  • IP Use Examination. This includes, but is not limited to: (1) an inquiry into who has authority over your IP in both policy and practice; (2) a determination of who has permission to use your IP both inside and outside your organization; and (3) an identification of the process for obtaining permission to use your IP.
  • Market Survey. This can determine how your IP is being misappropriated by counterfeiting, trademark and trade dress infringement, passing off and unfair competition.
  • Analysis of how your IP is under utilized. First, we examine the unauthorized/unlicensed ways in which your IP is being used in the marketplace and make an initial determination as to whether these problems represent opportunities for expansion. IP infringements are often a response to unmet consumer demand, thus they can sometimes provide inspiration for new goods and services. Second, we review the ways in which your IP is not being used at all and provide ideas and strategies for expanding your goods and services and increasing the exposure of your brand.
  • Assessment of current enforcement practices. We will review how your current IP problems are being addressed and evaluate the effectiveness of those procedures.
  • Review of business relationships’ use of your IP. We examine your business relationships both up and down the supply and distribution chain and how they are handling your IP. Due diligence concerning international partners, manufacturers, licensed factories and the practices of your vendors, distributors and advertisers are also necessary components of this review.

In contrast to our Consulting Services, which are more expansive in scope, Continental is also very helpful in solving specific IP-related problems. The initial consulting process sheds light on some of these problems while you may already be aware of others. Continental brings tremendous value to the problem-solving process with over twenty years of experience identifying and solving IP-related issues.

Intellectual property is an asset with extraordinary potential value. Continental Enterprises' Consulting Services create a road map for maximizing that value and our Problem-Solving abilities remove the obstacles that hinder the realization of your IP's ultimate potential.